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Hey everyone, I've been curious lately about something that might be a bit personal, but I believe it's a topic worth discussing openly. How often do you find yourself watching porn films? With the plethora of content available online, from amateur clips to high-definition productions, it's easy to get drawn in. Personally, I've stumbled upon HD porn on websites like more times than I'd like to admit. The accessibility and variety can make it quite tempting, but I've also become aware of the potential effects it can have on one's perception of intimacy and relationships. So, let's open up the floor for discussion. How frequently do you indulge, if at all? And how do you think it influences your views on sexuality and relationships? Let's share our thoughts respectfully.

Virtual sex is becoming more and more popular: Internet search networks provide many links on this topic, offering users sex chats, special programs and so on.... Many people resort to virtual sex because of the lack of emotional closeness and mutual understanding. Spouses are consumed by domestic problems, and at work a constant load. Because of work, domestic, financial burdens, they just run away to a place where they feel good.

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