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Private Goat Rentals

Did you know our goats can come to you? Liven up your next party with private goat rental!

OR Host your next party @ Willow City Farm!

Have goats, will travel!  Did you know our goats can come to you? They sure can!  Liven up your next party or make a goat lover’s day with our private goat rental!


The goats that come to your home or office are those chosen from our favorites in the herd. They are specifically chosen for their behavior, outgoing personality, and let’s be honest,  they’re usually ones that love snacks the most!  A few goats can make your event unique and special for everyone!

We can work with you to make sure you get exactly the experience you’re looking for. Book one of our available sessions online, or contact us at 217-899-4562 or if the date/time you are looking for isn’t available.

Rent some goats/piglets for:

  • Birthday Parties

  • Weddings

  • Bachelorette Parties

  • Snuggle Sessions

  • Family or Senior Photos

  • Goat Therapy

  • Emotional Well-Being Sessions/Stress Relief

  • Commercials (Yep - you've seen our goats on TV and billboards!)

Our private party goat rental includes delivery within 20 miles of Pleasant Plains of 3-5 newborn baby goats (if in season) or 2-3 goats up to one year old, their snacks and a crate.  We’ll drop them off to your well fenced yard and come back for them up to 3 hours later!  If you have a party theme, just ask!  We may already have costumes or just the right outfit for them!

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