Willow City Farm, located just 6 miles west of Veterans Parkway is a great place for a kid (big or little) to celebrate a birthday!  We can accommodate large or small groups!

For birthday parties, we do a farm tour where kids get to meet the barnyard animals.  They can always check out the alpaca, cows, pigs, horses, goats and lambs, but a one-on-one experience with the larger animals depends on the age of the guests and which baby animals have been born yet in the spring!


Depending on the guests’ ages, our activities vary.  Anything from petting the horses to actually sitting on or riding the horses, and possibly bottle feeding a calf or goat. We have a small pond that’s brimming with activity in the spring, so we can take a little walk around to check out the turtles, frogs, and feed the fish.



The cost is $150 for the first hour, and $50 every additional 1/2 hour.  

If the children are young, then they’ll need a chaperone.  We have a few teens

that can help, too!


You can always bring your own cake, party favors, snacks, etc, etc.  

We do have to have a waiver accompany any guests on the farm.

For the really little guys, we let them (with lots of help) dip baby chicks’ feet into some paint, and then let the chicks make art while running atop blank papers in a baby pool.  We also teach them a little bit about the eggs and where they come from.  We’ve got a lasso and pretend steer where they can practice their roping skills like a real cowboy or cowgirl.


We really just see what the children are interested in, what is appropriate for their age, and go from there.  As a mother of 6, I know sometimes it’s just let the kids lead us!  If your child has an interest in something more than another, we happily center the theme of the party around their interest.  (For example, we do LOTS of horse themed parties!)

Birthday Party Deposit

  • Due to the current Covid 19 situation, deposits made on a birthday party from November 2020 - March 2021 will mean a 10% discount on your birthday party!  You're welcome to set a date OR leave it open ended and we'll get your date set as soon as we are able via IDPH guidelines.  If you'd like to set a date and need to change it due to COVID, no problem!  

    Use coupon code BDAY10 to recieve 10% off your birthday party booking!

  • Here’s a few optional extras:

    • Themed cupcakes or cookies (your choice of theme) : $2/ea

    • Themed party bags: $4/ea

    • Themed T-shirts: $10/ea (can be customized for each child if you’re purchasing for more than just the birthday kid.)

    We can also do snacks or meals - Just contact us for prices on those since they vary so much!

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