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Coho salmon are the most versatile salmon species. They're mild, and easy to use in a host of different preparations and styles.  In July, at the beginning of Southeast Alaska’s salmon season, 4- and 5-pound coho dominate the fishery: these smaller fish, with their smaller flakes and delicate texture, resemble a full-bodied trout almost as much as salmon. By August and September, though, several months of feeding in the rich waters of Southeast Alaska produce 8-, 10-, and even 15-pound fish. These late season coho reflect many of the culinary qualities of king salmon, producing big, fat fillets that grill perfectly on a warm fall day, paired with sauteed autumn vegetables and an apple cider reduction. Coho is even better suited for baking or poaching. There's nothing quite like a poached coho fillet, with a caper or tomato vinaigrette to enhance and highlight this salmon's natural refinement. 


Caught by Fishing Vessels El Tiburon, Loon, April L, Bella Dawn, Mary Carl, Sunfish, Amnicon, Lorelai Bell, Valle Lee, and Dryas



Coho Salmon

  • Sitka Salmon Shares is now a completely integrated boat-to-doorstep seafood company. We have a lovable group of fishermen-owners who deliver our fish. We have a small processing plant in Sitka, Alaska, where we custom-process our catch with a laser focus on quality and traceability. And we have two Good-Fish Hubs in the Midwest, (Galesburg, Illinois) which allow us to deliver our fishermen’s catch directly to The Farmstand by Willow City Farm. 


    At Sitka Salmon Shares, you’re joining a community of artisan fishers, healthy eaters, foodies, and Alaskan adventurers in our collective efforts to rebuild America’s seafood system from the ground up. All of us together are actively supporting sustainably sourced seafood and independent, family fishermen who fish in much the same way their grandparents did.



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