About Wildwood Grilling:


The desire to cook with wood and re is hard-wired in our DNA. It’s an instinct.


We feel the warmth of body and spirit when we join together to eat a meal prepared using these simple, ancient techniques. We have the need to gather, make delicious meals and authentic connections.
That’s what Wildwood Grilling is all about.


We intentionally chose to call the Pacific Northwest home. From the beginning, we set out to build a company worthy of this stunning backdrop.


We gathered together the best people we’ve ever met, sourced beautiful, raw materials to meet the highest standards of safety, purity, and sustainability.


Did we invent cooking with cedar and fi?
No, far from it. The native people of the Pacific Northwest beat us to it by 1,000 years or so. But retail-ready planks? We are the originals.


Food safety

Wood-grilling products comein c ontact with food, so safetyis important. Our grilling planks are 100% pure and clean with no pesticides, herbicides or foreign matter. Plus, we use food-safe production processes and operate our facilities to the highest sanitary standards.


We take our role as stewards of this planet very seriously so we use 100% of the wood ber we produce. Wood by-products are used to create display units or fuel our biomass generator. In addition, our mill is located in the heart of the botanical range of many of our wood species to minimize the fossil fuel needed for transport. Part of using all of the wood ber is turning resources unusable for planks into smoking chips.

Grilling Plank - All Natural

Wood Selection

    The Pacific Northwest is renowned for the spicy and fragrant smoke of cedar. The aromatic and full-bodied avor pairs wonderfully with salmon, steelhead, pork chops, chicken, soft cheeses with a rind, mushrooms, tofu and vegetables.

    5 x 11”  2-Pack



    Alder is another Pacfic Northwest favorite with its delicate, earthy avor and a hint of sweetness. Alder’s subtle, all-purpose smokiness pairs especially well with halibut and other white sh, seafood, vegetables and fruit.

    5 x 11”  2-Pack



    Cherry gives fantastic avor with its sweet and fruity smoke. Cherry is one of the most popular choices and pairs well with poultry, turkey, Cornish game hens, peaches and vegetables.

    5 x 11”  2-Pack



    Strong and bold, hickory is ideal when you want a distinctive, savory smoke. It pairs well with beef, lamb, wild game, bacon, portobello mushrooms and dark fruits.

    5 x 11” Retail 2-Pack

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