Our heritage turkeys roam our pasture with the chickens and other livestock, & have access to our coops at night to stay safe from predators. This humane environment allows our animals’ all-day access to green grass, fresh air and sunshine.

They are are fed a multi-grain diet consisting mostly organic grains & grasses, & no antibiotics or hormones are used.

Willow City Farm turkeys will be ready to pick up FRESH just days before Thanksgiving. 

Hens weigh from about 8-15lbs, & jakes weigh 15lbs or more. Though we strive for accuracy in size, our fresh turkeys may very in size depending on eating habits and season.  Our turkeys are $4/lb and can be reserved with a $10 deposit.


2020 Pickup

Our birds are being processed on Saturday November 22nd, and will be available for pickup on Sunday, November 23rd or anytime after.  Conactless pickup is available.  

Pasture Raised Fresh Turkey - (Deposit)

Pick-Up or Delivery
  • Pastured birds are different birds. They aren't bland like industrial turkeys so they aren't injected with oils and artificial flavorings (which makes them "juicy."  Plus, being raised on pasture makes them leaner than store-bought birds that don't get exercise.

    Willow City Farm raises heritage turkeys without antibiotics or hormones. (As an FYI, hormones are not permitted in any birds in the United States.)

    Our birds free range their entire lives on large amounts of pasture and will actually roost in the trees at night, or in the coops with the chicken.  They have more fat under their skin, and less in their meat.  The fat keeps the juice in while you cook the bird, and you'll be eating a leaner, healthier bird.

    This makes the turkey VASTLY different from your commercial genetically modified Broad Breasted White.  To read all the differences and read the results of a blind taste test from Bon Appetit, read here.

    We've gathered a bunch of great advice on how to cook your pastured turkey, from brining tips to cooking times and temps (faster and hotter). Click here for several great articles on the art of cooking pastured turkeys.

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