Ready May 8th, 2019!

Two of Willow City Farm's Great Pyrenees, Sawyer and Huck, had a litter of their own adorable pups on April 9th, 2019.


Huck and Sawyer were both raised on our farm, and are wonderful with our livestock AND children. They have never let anything happen to our cattle, alpaca, sheep, goats, turkey, ducks, chicken, pigs or calves.


We even have our chicken and turkeys free-ranging on over 20+ acres, and have never closed a coop at night. Between our three LGDs, they have successfully eliminated many hawks, opossum, raccoon, and even fox and coyote.

Mom was born and raised on our farm, and dad came as an 8-week-old pup.  They will come started as working LGDs. They will also come well adjusted to young children - a huge plus for those who have a smaller homestead that requires the little kids to help! They will have lived outdoors full time with chickens, ducks, goats, horses, alpaca and even and a baby calf beginning at 3 weeks old.


Around the 4 week mark they'll begin sharing a few meals with the poultry so they become desensitized and will (hopefully) not have as many issues with them as the normal "teen aged" LGD.


This is Sawyer's first litter, and Huck's third.  We have successfully placed 40 pups on farms, and are happy to let you talk to other owners for references!  In fact, we've have many repeat buyers!


As we learn more about their individual personalities, this page will be updated.


We do require a $150 to hold each pup, and the deposits are non-refundable.  The remaining payment of $350 is due before pickup, and can be split into payments.  The pups will be ready to go anytime after May 8th and will be vet-checked and up-to-date on shots!


What is a Livestock Guardian Dog??  (LGD)

Willow City Farm raises a wide variety of livestock, and must keep them protected from coyotes, opossum, raccoons, minks, beavers, muskrats, and a plethora of other predators.  We keep them safe with the use of our Great Pyrenees and Italian Maremma Shepherd, Huck, Angora, and Sawyer. 


LGDs are considered working dogs, and an integral part of our farm.  Although they are considered livestock, @ WCF, they are our pets, too. 


Livestock guardian dogs stay with the group of animals they protect as a full-time member of the flock or herd. Their ability to guard their herd is mainly instinctive as the dog is bonded to the herd from an early age.  Unlike herding dogs, which control the movement of livestock, LGDs blend in with them, watching for intruders within the flock.


There are many more photos coming soon of mom and dad and puppies!  Pups will come UTD on vaccines. Delivery or shipping may be an option.

Puppy Deposit


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