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4th of July + Buffalo & Bison + Farm Additions + Game of Thrones Meal + Interviews

Happy 4th of July!

Nothing says Fourth of July more than a burger on the grill. This 4th try a recipe from the Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner International Burger Bar, featuring burger recipes from around the world – from a burger inspired by southern barbecues to a burger fit for the Greek islands or one that borrows flavors from an Italian summer staple, these recipes are sure to please any crowd.

How about trying one of our 1.5” cut steaks? Or if you need a little inspiration, check out our Pinterest Page for tons of recipes on the grill. Keep in mind we always have those hard-to-find cuts since WE specify how it’s cut!

4th of July Weekend Store Hours

Friday, 30th, 10am – 7pm

Saturday, 1st - 8am – 12:30pm (Downtown @ Market)

Saturday, 1st - (@ The Farmstand) 1pm-4pm

Sunday, 2nd - 4pm -6:30pm

Monday, 3rd - 10am – 6pm

Tuesday, 4th – CLOSED


Bison + Beefalo + Elk

We have lots of new products @ The Farmstand this week! We’ve have been looking for a LOCAL Bison, Beefalo, and Elk farm, and finally found one that meets our standard s! William Gross, son of the late legendary cattleman & veterinarian Dr. William Gross, has continued the family farm in Jacksonville where they raise elk, bison, & black angus beefalo. Right now, we have a limited amount of ground bison, & we will be carrying more from Gross Farms in the next week or so. See photos of Rowdy, Rosie, and “Big Boy, the herdsire” on our Instagram page.


Lingcod is in season! what's lingcod, anyway?

A lingcod is neither a ling nor a cod... Well, actually, it’s a greenling - a voracious predator that’s a favorite of sport fishermen (and home cooks) in Southeast Alaska. As a food, think of them of Pacific cod’s more voluptuous relative, with a semi-firm, lean white flesh that’s nearly as dense and meaty as halibut. Like halibut, lingcod offers a wonderful option for pan-searing, sautéing, and frying. For a decadent preparation, lingcod poached and served over wilted spinach and boiled red potatoes can be mesmerizing. This lingcod by Sitka Salmon was caught by the vessels Valle Lee, Mary Carl, and Amnicon, frozen, and then shipped to The Farmstand. Get recipes here, and enjoy!


Some Insight into Willow City Farm's Way

Many of you read this article regarding the unique humane & sustainable practices at Willow City Farm and gave me feedback on how much you enjoyed the article and the insight it gave on how your meat is raised. So, I thought I'd pass it along. Thanks for doing this Marisa! Here’s a link to read the full article.


Farm + Chef Takeaway

We have some really exciting Takeaways coming up! While Chef Denise and I are still going over the exact details, our July 29th Takeaway will be a fundraiser for Lucy Wallner, a 5-year-old little girl diagnosed with Leukemia, featuring Lucy’s favorite foods. Our August 27th takeaway will coincide with the finale of Game of Thrones, featuring some “barbaric” appetizers to serve at your GOT watching party. The proceeds will benefit WILD Canine Rescue. Stay tuned!


Cheeses available this week

Smoked: Gouda • Swiss • Cheddar Regular Cheddars: Bacon Green Onion • Colby • Monterey Jack • Natural Cheddar • Horseradish • Jala-Bac-Jack • Apple • Green Olive • Black Olive • Summer Sausage • Other: Cheese Curds • Cheese Spread Meat Snack Sticks: Pork: Original • Honey Cajun • Teriyaki • Cheddar Beef: Original •BBQ • Cheddar • Tropical Cheddar

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