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Local Raw Honey + Bison & Beefalo + Turkey Pre-order + Ropp Cheese

Local Raw Honey

There are sooo many benefits of local, raw honey! The Farmstand carries raw honey from Brooks’s Kountry Honey in New Berlin, Illinois. Beekeeper Dale Brooks is amazing, and we LOVE supporting his hives. Dale is a fantastic source of information for all things bees, so feel free to check out his Facebook page. Look at our Pinterest page for some amazing honey recipes, and read all about it’s benefits. You can read more on our website, too!


Turkey Pre-Order Time!

It’s time to start thinking about pre-ordering your Thanksgiving Turkey! I know, I know. It’s still summer, but you wouldn’t believe the planning that goes into each Thanksgiving on our part. Willow City Farm slow raises our heritage breed turkeys and butchers them right before Thanksgiving, so you pick them up fresh, never frozen! You can reserve your turkey online or in the store for $10. You will select your weight range (8-10#, 11-15# or 15+#) and whether you’d like your turkey processed by a USDA processing plant, or by us @ the farm. (Please note, if you’d like your turkey processed directly at the farm, by law you’ll have to pick it up there, too.)


Bison & Beefalo

Many of you have tried the bison and beefalo and loved it. Wonderful! We still have a little left, so feel free to reserve some. Cuts available: ground, roast & tenderloin filets. To read a new article just added to our site about Gross Farms, their history and their meats, check out our website here.


This week's Ropp Cheese

Cheddars: Green Olive, White, Sun Dried Tomato, Buffalo, & Southwest Chipotle Smoked: Cheddar, Gouda, Swiss Others: Baby Swiss, CoJack, Cheese Curds Did you know Ropp Jersey Cheese makes over 40 varieties of cheeses? Don’t forget you can always tell us which cheeses you’d like us to carry each week. Just send your requests here.


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