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The Farmstand is now carrying Beg O’ Bone Dog Biscuits, made by Sparc supported individuals in their local work center.


Beg-O-Bone produces fresh dog biscuits for retail sales, while providing work training for individuals with disabilities. The bakery is set up in SPARC's  Work Center facility located at 2929 Stanton Avenue, Springfield, IL, where more than 1,500 dog biscuits are produced each day.

Individuals supported by Sparc measure, mix, roll, cut and bake the biscuits. Individuals are then responsible for quality control and

Beg-O-Bone's biscuits are made from all natural ingredients: white flour, whole wheat flour, dark Caro syrup, molasses, garlic powder and silicone dioxide.

Sparc's mission is to enrich the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities by enabling them to successfully live, learn, work and socialize in the community. They provide work training opportunities for people with disabilities as well as job coaching and placement with local businesses.

Beg O'Bone Dog Biscuits by Sparc

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