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Beefalo + Fresh Goat & Lamb + CSA + King Salmon & Rockfish

Beefalo is here!

What is beefalo, you ask? This unique hybrid animal yields a tremendous quality of meat that’s high in protein but very low in cholesterol, making it a wonderful alternative for health conscious consumers. Yes, Beefalo is an animal. No, it is NOT a mixture of meats. Gross Farms Beefalo is raised in Jacksonville, IL using natural forages and feeds – and without steroids, hormones, or other artificial growth enhancers. The Farmstand will have various cuts of beefalo available this week – ground, patties, steaks, & roasts. If you’d like to pre-order a particular cut, just respond to this email and let us know! Not sure how to cook it? Check out our Pinterest page here for recipes.


Fresh Goat & Lamb

We have our last goat & sheep available for awhile! The butcher is cutting today, and we will have fresh cuts available at the store Tuesday afternoon and all day Wednesday (while they last), and we’ll freeze them Thursday. If there’s a specific cut you want, like chops, roasts, shanks or neck medallions, just let us know and we’ll keep them fresh for you! Interested in purchasing the whole lamb or goat? Get more information on cuts and pricing, or download a cut sheet here.


August – October CSA

Just a reminder, the next season of our CSA begins August 1st and there are only a few spots left! Here’s how it works in a nutshell: Depending on the package you select, each month you will receive 3 or 4 pounds of ground beef, 1 whole chicken, and 2 pounds of your choice of bacon (cured, uncured, cottage, Canadian, or jalapeno). You then select YOUR choice of 3 or 6 pounds each of beef and pork, and you'll also receive OUR selection 3 or 6 pounds each of beef and pork. Our November shares include a Thanksgiving turkey as well! Other benefits: You move above everyone else on any waiting lists for our rarer items like fresh chicken cuts, duck eggs, whole ducks, and new products from other farmers. There are multiple sizes that fit different family’s needs, and we can most likely accommodate your specific requests. You can read more here, or call us with questions.


New from Sitka – Rockfish & King Salmon

Wild Alaskan king salmon are the gourmet’s salmon because of their large, luscious flakes and high fat content—sometimes twice that of sockeye and coho. Like a well-marbled steak, this fat melts into the salmon, giving king salmon unrivaled mouth feel. And remember, these are the good fats: the natural, marine-derived Omega-3s that heart doctors celebrate. Because of this fat, king salmon are perfect for grilling and searing, with just salt and pepper. King salmon needs little else. Season: July and August Caught by: Fishing Vessels El Tiburon, Loon, and April L

The mild sweet flesh of the Dusky rockfish is perfect for converting those who don't think they enjoy fish. One of the most sustainable species of Alaska’s rockfish, Duskies are open-water swimmers and grow quickly. Duskies are versatile; bake ‘em, fry ‘em, or saute ‘em. They’re a welcome addition to seafood stews and are superb blackened as well.

Season: Nearly year-round Caught by: Fishing Vessels Valle Lee, Ilona B, Wilma Mae

We know you’ll love the products from Sitka, so this week’s special is $2 off any Sitka Salmon Share products – Spot Prawns, Lingcod, Pacific Cod, Coho Salmon, King Salmon, or Rockfish. Read all about Sitka Salmon here.

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