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We offer a substantial discount when purchasing our beef in quantity (quarter, half, or whole beef).  Our pricing structure is based on carcass weight or it is often referred to as “hanging weight”.   The carcass weight is determined at the processor and we have found it to be the most accurate way of pricing.  Every beef that is processed is unique and will have a slightly different cut ratio due to the bone size of that individual.  Below is simply an average example of what you can expect.  This means all cuts of beef, including the most expensive cuts of New York Strip or Prime Rib would be less than half the cost of the lower quality product at the grocery store.


What will your beef cost?

The 2019 Price for a hanging pound of beef :


Whole : $5.90/hanging lb

Half: $5.00/hanging lb

Quarter: $6.20/hanging lb


The hanging weight is the weight of the carcass, before it is processed into individual cuts.  Your take home weight of meat will be about 25%-35% less depending on how you have the meat cut.  The processing fees are paid directly to the butcher, and can vary based on how you would like your beef cuts processed, and what type of wrapping you would like.


How much freezer space is needed?


One cubic foot holds approximately 25 pounds of meat.

1/8 Beef (approximately 60 - 70 pounds of meat) will fit in the average freezer depending on what else you are storing.

1/4 Beef (approximately 115 - 120 pounds of meat) would likely fit in in the average side-by-side freezer portion of your fridge as long as your other items were minimal.  The small cube chest freezers are a great size  option for a 1/4 beef.

1/2 Beef (approximately 230 pounds of meat): We recommend a 7.5 cubic foot chest freezer.

Whole Beef (approximately 470 pounds of meat): We recommend  a 14 cubic foot or larger chest freezer.


How long will the meat last in my freezer?

All of our meat is vacuumed packed after processing for maximum shelf life

.  A general rule of thumb is 14-16 months for vacuum packed meat before

the quality, taste, & tenderness will start to decline.


What you will receive with your order:

The table below gives approximate amounts of each cut that you will

receive.  Your order may vary slightly from this, and you may opt for

different cuts than these where it is possible.  For instance, you may

prefer T-bone and Porterhouse steaks rather than NY strip and

Tenderloin--did you know that a Porterhouse steak is composed of a

NY Strip on one side of the "t-bone" and tenderloin on the other?  

You may also wish to have some cuts turned into ground beef, such

as the brisket or short ribs.  



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