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Willow City Farm Beef

 Happy Cows  =  Healthy Beef


At Willow Farms, LLC, we strive to produce the highest quality beef possible. Our beef does not contain the vast amount of additives found in factory farm beef. We raise ours the way it was raised hundreds of years ago, with no hormones or daily antibiotics. Our product is totally natural.


Our animals are offered a vegetarian diet designed to maximize tenderness and flavor. All of our animals are treated humanely. In fact you can often find us in the pasture checking on the herd or even giving a neck scratch to the little guys. 



Processing & Packaging

Our products are humanely and naturally processed in a USDA inspected packing plant with no additives. All of our beef is dry aged for 21 - 28 days, unlike most meat you purchase at the store, which is packaged wet.   This allows us to obtain the maximum in tenderness and flavor.  If you would like your meat dry-aged a different amount of time, we can usually accomodate those requests!


Our beef is packed to preserve freshness and seal out freezer burn. We process our cattle at Jones Meat and Locker in Jacksonville, Illinois.  They've been in the meat packaging business since 1943, and are a family run business.


You are always welcome to select your cuts of meat, and we are here to make your selection easier.  Here's a sheet that may help.

Live Cattle Sales


Do you have a few acres that you'd like to put to use?  Have you ever thought about raising your own steer or cow for your family?  From time to time we have cattle for sale, and are happy to help you determine if raising cattle is right for you.


Ready to add high quality genetics to your current herd?  We often have heifers and cow/calf pairs for sale.  Just ask!


Don't want or need a bull on your pasture, but still want to breed? We offer bull services from our high quality Black Angus bull.

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