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2023 upcoming goats + Yoga classes

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We're looking for more cool places to host Goats + Yoga (or alpaca, barnyard, or piglets, or puppy yoga) around the Saint Louis area.  Know of a place we should check out?  Tell us!  Does your business want to host?  Click here!

We are currently booking our 2023 classes!

Here's an upcoming list of where we will be!  As more registrations open, they'll be added to the website:

February 4th - Goats + Yoga INDOORS @ Alto Vineyards, Champaign, IL

April 22nd  - BABY Goats + Yoga @ Riggs Beer Co, Company, Urbana IL

April 29th - Goats + Yoga @ Grafton Winery, Grafton, IL

May 6 - BABY Goats + Yoga @ Willow City Farm, Pleasant Plains, IL

May 7 - BABY Goats + Yoga @ DESTIHL Brewery and Beer Hall, Bloomington,IL

May 21 - BABY Goats + Yoga @ Obed and Isaac's Peoria, IL

June 25th - Goats + Yoga* @ Firefighter's Club, Springfield, IL (*or Puppies + Piglets - TBA!)

September 10 - Goats + Yoga RODEO edition @ Tanner's Orchard, Speer IL

Shop In-Store by appointment


 Our farm store is open by appointment!

8150 Bomke Road, Pleasant Plains, IL 62677

You can shop on in stock items and have them delivererd locally, or brought to you if you plan to attend one of our Goats + Yoga classes in Central IL!

Birthday Parties & Private Goats + Yoga Classes


Kids of all ages can enjoy their birthday party at a real working farm!  Meet and pet goats, sheep, chickens, alpaca, calves, and even ride a "unicorn" or practice roping on a pretend steer! Check out the alpaca, cows, pigs, horses, goats and lambs, and have a one-on-one experience with the larger animals!

Looking for a petting zoo?  We can do that, too.  Want a few alpaca at your wedding?  They've done it more than once!   OR, rent the goats to come to your party at your location!  


We now have an automatic booking calendar, and our 2023 available weekends can now be booked automatically online for goat or pig rentals.. 

Venue Rentals & Tours &  Private Goats + Yoga Classes

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Did you know you can reserve Willow City Farm for private gatherings, Sunday schools, private Goats + Yoga Events or educational field trips?

Willow City Farm, located just 6 miles west of Veterans Parkway, offers educational tours for students from Kindergarten - Middle school.  We've had groups from home school classes, preschools, and Boys & Girls Club groups.  We can accommodate large or small groups!

NEWS! The construction of our new barn is starting in December of 2022!  We hope to have it completed by the spring of 2023 to allow for even more and bigger private parties.  Join our mailing list to stay update.

Have goats, will travel!  The goats (or piglets) can come to you for your birthday party, corporate events, bachelorette parties, etc! You can now book online for 2023.  Quick, we fill up fast!

2023 Available Meats + Bulk Orders + Slaughter Dates


WCF currently has individual cuts of pork available, and our next slaughter dates for steer, and hogs are rather regular!  We currently have 1/2 steer and 1/2 hog ready to go on November 15th, 2022 that have not yet been reserved.  (They make great Christmas presents!)


Our slaughter dates for goat and lamb are only made on a request basis.  We are sorry, but we are unable to ship products at this time!

2023 Spring + Summer Internships


Willow City Farm is expanding! We have secured an additional 40 acres of land, and have begin the task of converting it from row crops to rotational pasture and non-gmo crops to feed our livestock. ​ 


The opportunity will include developing a layout for pastures, fencing, water access, etc, with a heavy emphasis on sustainability, soil conservation, and good stewardship of the land. Our interns will help us work directly with the USDA and FSA on our current grant.  We plan to incorporate new energy resources utilizing solar equipment as well. ​ This is a great opportunity to work on an agribusiness project from the ground up, and during the winter WITHOUT having to be outside 100% of the time!  And this year our Spring and Summer interns have a boarding option!  Schedule an interview now!

Goats + Yoga Gift Certificate

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Do you know what makes  GREAT Christmas gifts?  A Willow City Farm event experience! 

You can now buy an event ticket that's good for ANY Willow City Farm event that doesn't expire, or purchase a private goat or piglet rental for that person that has everything!  We guarantee it'll be a gift they remember, and not like any other they've had!