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Poultry & Eggs

Chicken Eggs - $5/dozen






How to Purchase Eggs

Eggs are available for pick up 7 days a week at The Farmstand on Durkin Drive, and we can usually accommodate up to 5 dozen per order. Please contact us for a larger order. You can pay online or pay at pickup with cash, check, or credit card!  You can always come to the farm and select your own dozen straight from the nesting boxes if you wish!


Pasture Raised Chicken - $5/lb

Our pasture raised chicken is available approximately every 8-12 weeks.  Although we often

have plenty of extra, it is best to pre-order as we sell out immediately!   Our poultry is either

processed humanely at Willow City Farm, (which we are licensed to do by the Illinois

Department of Agriculture) or at the Petersburg Poultry Processing, a certified humane

processor.  We now offer whole chicken AND cut chicken.  Click here for more info on

purchasing breasts, thighs, drumsticks, wings, necks, giblets or feet.


Muscovy Ducks - $7/lb

                                  Originating in South America, Muscovy ducks are a breed apart from the rest, the only domestic ducks that are                                   not derived from Mallard stock. They are the finest duck available and have a unique taste that is both meaty and                                   flavorful. It is not greasy and is much more like veal than like poultry. Naturally thin skinned, the breast meat is                                   99% lean. The skin of the duck has 50% less fat than that of the Moulard or Pekin varieties.  Since the Muscovy                                   duck is not a typical waterfowl, but a "perching" foul, they do not have the oil gland that typically creates a                                   "gamey" taste in duck.


                                  Our next processing of Muscovy duck will be around July 2017 and again in November and December 2016.                                    Check out Willow City Farm's Pinterest page for great Muscovy recipes!


                                  Read more about our Muscovy or order here.


Duck Eggs - $5 / half dozen

For egg production, we raise Pekin and Khaki Campbell ducks. The Khaki Campbell is a light

breed that is hardy & active. Known for their egg production. They're relatively docile, and since

we raise them from ducklings, we get to know them pretty well.  Duck eggs have twice the

nutritional value of a chicken egg and stay fresher longer due to their thicker shell.  They are

richer with more Albumen making cakes and pastries fluffier and richer, and they have more

Omega 3 fatty acids.  Duck Eggs are an Alkaline producing food - one of the few foods that

leave your body more alkaline which is a great benefit to cancer patients as cancer cells do not

thrive in an alkaline environment.

Pasture Raised Turkey - $5/lb

We raise high quality, farm fresh chickens and turkeys the way nature intended… on green pasture. Our turkeys roam our pasture with the chickens and other livestock, and have access to our coops at night to stay safe from predators. This humane environment allows our animals’ all-day access to green grass, fresh air and sunshine. They are fed a multi-grain diet consisting of mostly organic grains and grasses. No antibiotics or hormones are used—EVER. Our dedication to quality production creates a superior tasting product high in the healthy Omega 3’s and trace minerals for the nutritious benefit of our local consumer.


Willow City Farm turkeys will be ready to pick up FRESH just days before Thanksgiving.   Our license allows us to process them on our Farm.  They will be processed the Monday before Thanksgiving on our farm, and pickup will be available Monday evening or all day Tuesday. Though we strive for accuracy in size, our fresh turkeys may very in size depending on eating habits and season.  We are happy to take deposits early so that we have an idea how many we should raise each year!




Our egg-laying flock consists of over 30 breeds of chicken giving you a variety of colors and sizes.   The hens are free to roam the entire farm to forage on grasses, legumes, and tasty bugs.  They are fed a high quality layer feed from local, non-gmo grains.


Their diet includes no medications or hormones. We sell our eggs year round on the farm.  Pasture raised eggs are higher in vitamin A, E, beta-carotene, and omega 3 fatty acids, and they can also be lower in cholesterol. 


We are licensed with the Illinois Department of Agriculture to sell eggs to individuals and grocery stores.  If you would like to sell Willow City Farm eggs at your local retail store, just contact us!  We love supplying Sangamon County and the surrounding area with fresh, healthy eggs!

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