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                                                              Ready October 18th! We have 4 males and 4 female Livestock Guardian Dogs. Mom,                                                                                                   Angora, is a Great Pyenees, and is wonderful with our livestock AND kids. Dad, Rome, is an                                                                                                                 awesome Italian Maremma Sheepdog.  Together, they have never let anything happen to our                                                                                                    cattle, alpaca, sheep, goats, cows, turkey, ducks or chicken.


                                                                                                                We have our chicken, ducks and turkeys free-ranging on 4 acres, and have never closed a                                                                                                                coop at night. Between the two of them they have successfully taken out many opossum,                                                                                                                raccoon, and even fox and coyote.


                                                                                                               Mom and dad were born and raised on our farm, and the pups will come started working with                                                                                                                mom and dad as well. They will also come well adjusted to young children - a huge plus for those who have a smaller homestead that requires the little kids to help! They have lived with chickens and ducks since 3 weeks old, and have even shared a few meals with them! Many more photos available upon request!


Please note - IF you need to send a different payment amount because your pup is staying longer, or you've already paid a larger down-payment, you can use paypal to send payment to


Livestock Guardian Dogs - SOLD OUT

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2024 Livestock Guardian Dogs


Willow City Farm breeds, trains, and sells Livestock Guardian Dogs to approved farms.

Our first 2024 breeding is WCF's Ice x Yeti.  Both dogs are full Great Pyrenees.  The litter has 4 males and 2 females available

Our second 2024 breeding is WCF's Sawyer x Yeti.  Eight pups were born June 14th, 2024 and will be ready to go to their new homes around August 18th, 2024.  Yeti is 100% Great Pyrenees and Sawyer is 50% Great Pyrenees and 50% Italian Maremma.  Deposits for this litter will be taken in July of 2024.   To get on the waitlist for this litter, contact us.


We are now taking $100 deposits for our Yeti x Ice litter .  The remaining balance of $500 will be due at time of pickup. If you have purchased a pup from us previously, there will be a $50 discount. 


All our livestock guardians come exposed to goats, sheep, horses, cows, alpacas, poultry (all kinds) and most importantly, other dogs (including family pets (2 Great Danes and a chihuahua), people and children!  Our children are ages 11, 10 and 2, and our working farm is open to the public. Pups come well-socialized from a young age.


All pups will be exposed from birth to chicken and goats full time in their own pasture.  From about 5 weeks and up they can be moved to a pasture with horses, cattle, hogs and alpaca.  We have six total adult livestock guardians training our pups on about 75 acres.

When you place your deposit, we encourage you to let us know about your farm so that we can be sure we expose them to an environment that will be similar to their new farm.

The latest litter will be Willow City Farm's 13th litter to raise and place, and have nothing but amazing stories to share from each family that has adopted our pups.  Feel free to ask for references from previous owners! We've had dogs go on to work all kinds of local farms and ones throughout the United States.  We've even placed pups successfully as family pets and even had a few go on to be certified therapy dogs!

Click here to reserve your pup.  You are welcome to come see them as they grow, and we're also happy to work with your pup specifically with the animals you'll have them work.  For instance, do you have a goat farm?  We'll be sure to raise the in the goats' pasture in barn so they come as ready as they can to your farm!

Our working LGSs can trace 10 generations of working dogs.  We sell them as working dogs, but every once in a while we have a dog that we feel may make a better family pet than a working dog.  When that happens, we will happily place our Great Pyrenees in a family home that makes the best match for pup and family.

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