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Willow City Farm CSA Shares

What is a CSA?

“CSA” stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  In this relationship between consumer & farm family, the consumer purchases a share of the current year’s livestock, becoming a shareholder in the farm. As a shareholder, the consumer secures a share of the farm’s annual meat production while enjoying many of the same benefits available to the on-site farm family.  


This allows for a stronger relationship between the consumer & the farmer, & allows the consumer to know exactly how their produce is grown. By joining our CSA, you are helping support our local family farm while providing your family with a healthy and nutritious source of meat. You are allowing us the guarantee that our meats will be sold &, more easily, let us plan for what our future needs will be. You can eat knowing that your meat came from animals that were allowed to roam pastures, eat grass, breath fresh air & lead a happy life. 


CSA members commit up front to buy seasonal meat shares that will give the farmer the capital we need to bring their animal from field to market.  A CSA is a convenient way to eat a variety of local meats without having to invest in a large freezer.

WCF’s Member’s Choice of Organically Raised Meats:

10 days before pickup or delivery, each member can fill out the form found here to submit their choice of organic meats they want in the “choice” part of the meat CSA. Every box gets basic seasonal cuts of pastured beef, free range chicken & pastured pork. Then the “choice” part of the CSA is up to each member to decide what they’d like.  See the membership packages for which cuts you are likely to get, and which cuts are “member’s choice.”

Available 3-Month Sessions: 

  • February to April

  • May to July

  • August to October

  • November to January


Pick-Up / Delivery Options

  1. Pick up at Willow City Farmstand @731 South Durkin Drive in Springfield

  2. Free delivery

Payment Methods: Cash, Check, PayPal or Credit Card

Remaining Balance :The remaining balance needs to be paid each month when picking up your meat CSA share or before it is delivered to you.


FREE DELIVERY! We can deliver a member's share for free within 20 miles of Springfield. Our delicious grass-pastured beef, free range chicken & pastured pork will come straight to the address provided on the application. 


Membership Periods:  Each Membership period is three months long. Feel free to join in the middle of a membership period for a prorated fee. We welcome members to our meat CSA at any time.

Membership Plans

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