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The sustainable alternative to dryer sheets & fabric softeners!

• Flame Retardant

• Removes Pet Hair from laundry
•Dries Clothes Faster With Less Heat
•Clothes Come Out Extremely Soft
•Economical Way To Remove Static
•Resistant To Odors, Staining, & Moisture
•Replaces Chemically Treated Dryer Sheets
•Eliminates The Need For Fabric Softeners
•Reusable - Thousands Of Loads Of Laundry!
•Eliminates The Chemical Build-up On Your Lint Filter
•Alpaca fiber is Hypoallergenic & Contains No Lanolin
•Hand-made With 100% Felted Willow City Farm Alpaca Fiber


For best results, use 3 dryer balls per load of laundry.

Alpaca Dryer Ball - Individual

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