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Seasonal Rental  (April - October): $575
Three Month Rental: $500
Month-to-Month Extension: $125

Cost to purchase all supplies, coop, and 4 hens after minimum three month rental: $350

About the Coop:
This two-tier coop holds up to four chickens. It is made of durable wood and is designed with a window, two access doors, a perch, and a ramp that leads from the top to the lower level, so the chickens can easily roam around and nest in their new home while you have easy access to their eggs. The roof section lifts off to make the coop easy to clean.

Dimensions & Specifications:
Capacity: 4 Chickens
Dimensions: 76L x 28.75D x 44.25H inches
Material: Fir Wood
Size: 76L x 28.75D x 44.25H inches

Deluxe Coop Rental Package


    Package Includes:

    • Delivery and set up of coop within 50 miles, longer distance at additional charge
    • Three-month supply of laying feed (Organic and non-GMO options available for an additional cost)
    • Food and water dishes designed specifically for chicken
    • Pine shavings for bedding
    • Chicken care class for you and your family (caring for your chicken and keeping their coop clean)
    • Unlimited phone and email support
    • Free replacement of hens due to loss by natural causes or predators (not neglect)
    • No commitment if you decide to end your relationship with the hens
    • Delivery, set-up, and removal
  • For more information on how the Test A Nest program works, click here.

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