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Half Steer - Side of Beef (Deposit Only)

  • We offer a substantial discount when purchasing our beef in quantity (quarter, half, or whole beef). Our pricing structure is based on carcass weight (cwt) or it is often referred to as “hanging weight”. The carcass weight is determined at the processor and we have found it to be the most accurate way of pricing.

    Every beef that is processed is unique and will have a slightly different cut ratio due to the bone size of that individual. Below is simply an average example of what you can expect. This means all cuts of beef, including the most expensive cuts of New York Strip or Prime Rib would be less than half the cost of the lower quality product at the grocery store.

    What will your beef cost?

    The cost is $4.90/lb hanging weight although this does not include processing, which runs about $0.75 per pound and $75 for slaughter. The processing price is paid directly to the butcher at time of pickup, unless you have your beef delivered.


    Depending on your choice or availablility, we use a variety of butchers in the Central Illinois area.  It's important to let us know if you'd like your beef vacuum sealed or freezer paper sealed.  Both keep the meat at a high quality, but vacuum sealing does cost more.

    The hanging weight is the weight of the carcass, before it is processed into individual cuts. Your take home weight of meat will be about 25%-35% less depending on how you have the meat cut.

    We must pair enough customers to comprise the whole beef prior to processing. Our bulk purchasing option is very popular and we are often able to pair customers together within a reasonable time frame.

    Once your beef is scheduled at the processor it will be available for pickup approximately 16 - 25 days from the day the steer is delivered to the butcher.. We will contact you and let you know the pickup date adequately in advance. We ask our customers to please make arrangements to pick up the beef on the date it is ready. In some cases, delivery is available.  Please contact us for delivery options.

    Any beef left longer than five days will be sold to the next customer on our waiting list and you will be rescheduled for your beef.

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