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Seasonal Rental  (April - October): $375
Three Month Rental: $310
Month-to-Month Extension: $80

Cost to purchase all supplies, coop, and hens after minimum three month rental: $225

This coop is efficient, safe and portable. The coop includes a self enclosed run that provides safety from daytime predators, and an upper  roosting and nesting area that ensures safety from nocturnal predators.  This design provides easy access to the nest boxes where eggs will be collected daily and allows for easy maintenance.

*Each of our Two Buck Cluck coops are custom made, so no two coops look alike. These photos are a sample of what your coop may look like. We love using recycled barnwood or pallets, so you find most our coops look pretty modern, and will be a hit as a fixture in your backyard!

Two Buck CluckTest-A-Nest Package

    • Two Buck Cluck Coop (this coop requires time to forage outside of the coop)
    • 2 laying hens
    • Delivery and set up of coop within 50 miles, longer distance at additional charge
    • Three-month supply of laying feed (Organic and non-GMO options available for an additional cost)
    • Food and water dishes designed specifically for chicken
    • Pine Shavings for bedding
    • Chicken care class for you and your family (caring for your chicken and keeping their coop clean)
    • Unlimited phone and email support
    • Free replacement of hens due to loss by natural causes or predators (not neglect)
    • No commitment if you decide to end your relationship with the hens (they won't post anything negative about your break-up on social media)
    • Delivery, set-up, and removal
  • For more information on our packages and how the "Test A Nest" program works, click here.

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