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St. Patrick's Week Hours + Authentic Irish Recipes + BBQ Sauce

St. Patrick's Week Hours

We have some changes in our hours this week. As most of you know, St. Patrick's Day Week (yes, I capitalized it) is a family obligation to us! We will be closed Saturday, March 11th to celebrate with 100+ members of our family. (Nope, not an exaggeration.) We WILL, however, be open SUNDAY from 9am - 3pm. We apologize for the inconvenience! Sláinte!


Authentic Irish Recipes

There's more to Irish cooking than just corned beef! Check out our Pinterest page with lots of authentic Irish recipes, then head into The Farmstand and let us help you figure out which cuts are right for your recipe! Not eating meat for Lent this Friday? Try this amazing Irish Seafood Chowder and use healthy, sustainably caught Alaskan Salmon & Spot Prawns from Sitka Salmon Shares @ The Farmstand.


Marty's Hawg Sauce

This week we are featuring BBQ sauces by Marty, one of our butchers, from Jacksonville, Illinois! Both the Regular & Peach Habenro are award winning, and they're on sale this week @ The Farmstand for $4/bottle. Or try his dry rub on a brisket or roast for $3.50 this week.


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