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MORE Produce + Important Survey = $2/off any purchase + Spot Prawns & Beefalo Sale!

More produce this week

Here's what we've got in stock fresh today:

Heirloom Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes

Roma Tomatoes





Colored Bell Peppers

Poblano Peppers

Sweet Mini Bell Peppers

Jalapeno & Chili Peppers




Ground Cherries



2017 Survey

As a small business, your feed back is extremely important to us. We want to know that we're providing you with the products you want WHEN you want them. As schools start and farmer's markets start to slow down, we want to make sure our time and money is spent most effectively. Before we change our store hours or discontinue or add products, we want to hear from you - our customers - without whom our business would not exist. We are asking you to please complete a survey that will help us determine our new hours for our store, and whether or not we will continue our presence @ Farmer's Markets or our retail location @ The Farmstand. We are offering a $2/off coupon good for any purchase for anyone who completes the survey. (Note, you will be asked for your email in order to begin the survey. We will never see that and it will remain anonymous.) Please leave your email at the END of the survey to receive your coupon! Feel free to be as candid as possible! (I promise you won't hurt our feelings.)


Spot Prawn & Beefalo Sale

Spot Prawns are $2/off this week!

These delicious gems from southeast Alaska are a sustainably sourced, more flavorful alternative to shrimp. They vary in size and have the texture of perfectly cooked lobster claws mixed with Dungeness crabs. We've got a great recipe for a "prawn boil" that uses almost ALL local ingredients in season right now that you can find at the market! Click here to download it. You can also read more about Sitka Salmon Spot Prawns and how to prepare them here. Beefalo is $2/off per pound this week!

The people who have tried the ground beefalo have loved it, so we're giving a little incentive this week to encourage everyone to try it! It's lean, has less saturated fat and more calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and vitamin A than conventional beef, plus is low in cholesterol! If you have not tried it, now is the time! Beefalo burger or chili, anyone? Here's some recipes to check out on our Pinterest page.


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