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Cookbook Library + Alpaca Dryer Balls + Goat Yoga + Brisket 101 + Produce & Pumpkins

Cookbook Library @ The Farmstand

Ever thought it was “thyme to turn the page” on a few of your old cookbooks? Are you collecting them like old tools in the garage? We all have at least one cookbook we’d be willing to part with, right? The Farmstand is starting a cookbook library! Feel free to bring any cookbooks you’ve already enjoyed to The Farmstand or any Farmer's Market to help get our library going, then grab some from The Farmstand to take home and try!


Alpaca Dryer Balls

Most of you probably already have our alpaca dryer balls; they are our #1 selling item! But for those of you who don’t, here's a few of their benefits: • Eliminates the need for fabric softeners • Dries clothes faster, using less heat, basically absorbing moisture and steaming your clothes • Removes pet hair from laundry • Clothes come out extremely soft • Economical way to remove static • Resistant to odors, staining, & moisture • Replaces chemically treated dryer sheets AND fabric softener • Reusable - thousands of loads of laundry! • Flame retardant • Eliminates the chemical build-up on your lint filter • Hypoallergenic - alpaca fiber contains no lanolin • Hand-made with 100% felted Willow City Farm alpaca fiber • Naturally unscented – scent with your favorite essential oils Our dryer balls make great gifts! Everyone does laundry, right? They’re $16 for each 3 pack. You can buy them @ The Farmstand, @ any market, or online!


Goats + Yoga @ WCF!

WOW. What an overwhelming response to this crazy yoga class on October 22nd in just a short week! Tickets are going quick, so if you were thinking of coming, you better get your tickets now.


Anatomy 101 Series We’re now starting a new “Anatomy 101” series in each newsletter where we’ll discuss a less common cut of meat, where it comes from, and the best way to cook it, so keep watching!

Brisket (And “Texas Brisket”):

Brisket is cut from the breast section just below the chuck (there are two per carcass), and consists of two distinct areas separated by a layer of fat. The point (also called the deckle) is the richly marbled, fatty section that sits on top of the flat, the bigger, leaner bottom section.

When you’re talking Texas brisket, you’re talking about a full, packer cut brisket (point and flat intact) that weighs anywhere from 8 to 12-plus pounds. This is what pitmasters smoke at “low and slow” temperatures (225°F to 250°F) via indirect heat for 8 or more hours. THIS is the brisket we have our butchers cut for you. Did you know you can ask us to trim this ANY way you want? Yep. Just ask.

If you’re browsing the meat section of the average grocery store, the 2- to 6-ish-pound hunk of meat labeled “brisket” is most likely a trimmed flat (also called the first cut). This is

the cut for slow cookers, braising, and other moist heat cooking; if you cook it for hours and hours like a Texas brisket, it will have the textural appeal of leather.

WCF brisket is on sale this week $2/lb off, but hurry, because there isn't a ton of brisket on each cow, so it will go quick!Want to learn more or see recipes? See our Pinterest page.


Produce This week - Fall is Here!

Here's a list of the fresh produce we have this week: Heritage Tomatoes Roma Tomatoes Okra

Edamame Gourds Squash Pumpkins Onions Potatoes Apples - Sun Crisp + Gala Bell, Jalapeno & Poblano Peppers Popping Corn Ground Cherries Sage Sticks + Dried Herbs Fall Front Door Decor +More!

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