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Fair Time + Discounted Hog + Murphy's Law + Broiler Chicken + Goat & Lamb Sale

Fair Time = Shannon Time!

The fair begins this week, and we are excited to be participating in the first Farmer’s Market DURING the Illinois State Fair, AND excited to compete with a few of our horses this week! You can find us both Thursday evenings during the fair OUTSIDE of The Shed near the pavilion area. We’ll have all our usual items + a few extras! Be sure to come out to support your local farmers. Have a horse crazy kid? Come see us in Barn 36 just down from Vose's! Since we are competing all week long with the horses, we will have a little help at the store this week. Shannon from Clarity Homestead will be manning The Farmstand while we’re out this Friday and a few days next week. If you ever wanted to ask Shannon about her amazing natural and organic home items, like her soaps, detergents, facial toners, beard balms, and LOTS more, this would be a great time to pop in!


Whole or Half Hog, Anyone?!

​​We just had a whole hog become available at the last minute if anyone is interested! Our heritage breed hogs are raised organically and outside! The hog was processed Monday and will be ready for pickup next week. Since it's already been cut (with standard specs) you can purchase this at a huge discount!

½ for $250 + processing

whole hog for $475 + processing

Feel free to contact us with any questions!


Murphy's Law

You've all heard about Murphy, and his law, right? We'll Murphy must have know that we are SUPER busy this week and cannot add one extra thing to our plate, so... Early this morning twin baby calves were born, and the momma needed assistance calving. Unfortunately there were twins and one didn’t make it. The new heifer doesn’t have any interest in the other calf, so it looks like we've got an orphan. We're first going to see if another heifer that just calved, (Fiona, pictured above) will take her. If not, looks like he'll be living with us as a bottle calf. We’ll take all the well wishes you can send us in hopes that he pulls through (and that Fiona will adopt him!) Photos (and a naming contest) to come soon!


New @ THe Farmstand

Andouille Brats & Bacon Brats are here! It’s going to be gorgeous all week, so come get some brats for the grill. We received another shipment of Dusty Rockfish and King Salmon, so hurry in and get them while they’re still in season. Beekeeper Dale Brooks just brought in a fresh batch on newly extracted honey! We're fully stocked again, and we now have raw honey still on the comb. YUM!


Broiler Chicken Next Week

We will be processing our next batch of broiler chicken on Wednesday, August 16th, which means we will have them FRESH (not frozen) next Thursday in the store! We will be leaving some whole, and cutting the rest into parts. If you’d like to reserve a whole chicken, or breasts, thighs, drumsticks, wings, or liver & hearts, just let us know! Last time we sold out in about 20 minutes, so be sure to put in your reservation. We don’t anticipate they’ll last long!


Ropp Jersey cheeses available this week:

Sun Dried Tomato • Ranch • Jalapeno • Natural White • Buffalo Wing • Summer Sausage • Green Olive • Smoked Cheddar • Cheese Curds • Monterey Jack • Baby Swiss

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